My Alzheimer's Thread...

Started by Daryl, Jan 13, 2015, 02:44 PM

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It was my friend's funeral from the dementia group I was in when we were first diagnosed today...

He chose his own time to leave, like 'thunderstorm' did - and who am I to criticise them for doing it.

I hope he is now at peace x
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7th dementia anniversary

Well... it is on this day in 2011 ( 7 years ago) that I went to the QMC hospital in Nottingham and was given the diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer's Disease (dementia).

I've been a long way, both physically and mentally, since that day, but I've gotten by with the love and support of my immediate family and a few very good friends... and the support of the majority of my friends here on the forums too.

I'm still active here... I intend to still remain active as long as I can even though physically and mentally it is getting a little more difficult to do. won't get rid of me that easily! 

Thank you all for your support, it'll always mean a lot x 
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