My Alzheimer's Thread...

Started by Daryl, Jan 13, 2015, 02:44 pm

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Sixth year diagnosis anniversary...

It is six years ago today that I went to the QMC hospital in Nottingham and was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's Disease.

But given the fact that I was put on medication for the condition straightaway, and also knowing what entails with this illness, I took steps to try and safeguard my future as much as I could, and got support care in place. It is needed now and has been increased to 6 hours... But I'm still here, able to type and communicate with you all, remembering the lovely friends that I have made on the FME forums and still moaning! And to boot, we have seen the release of the new MFME emulator which we all thought was going to be wishful thinking.

Here's to the next six - hopefully!

Love and peace,

Daryl x
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Bless you Daryl and well done mate, you always have a positive attitude - inspirational.

It's always a pleasure seeing you post on these forums. I've seen when people are going through a rough time you will post some excellent advice. That's the kind of guy you are, fan-bloody-tastic!!

Long may you be posting for many more years to come!  :)

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