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Started by DAD, Aug 06, 2017, 03:01 AM

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.......and last!!!

Went to Napoleans in Hull for a meal with a few mates.  Never been in one before and found it completely different to what I expected.  I felt like a fish out of water as I didn't know WTF was happening half the time.  Spent a lot of time watching the tables and had a wander round the video slots which looked crap to say the least,

They gave you a £5 token chip to spend with a meal deal which must have took me an hour or more to decide what the hell to do with it.  In the end I exchanged it for a slot machine voucher which you could place in the machine just like a £5 note.  Won bugger all so played a few more quid and ended a tenner up, then came off and cashed in and went back to see how my mates were doing on the roulette tables.

This is when i discovered that after a while, those little chips cease to have any releation to actual money.  The amount of carefree betting taking place was unreal, but even as a bystander I could feel myself getting sucked in to the game and had to excercise some restraint from wanting to join in.  You'll never know how hard it was not to change some cash and get my chips onto that table.

As an ex fruit machine addict I suppose its in my nature to want to gamble and tonight I came pretty close to starting agaiin albeit on the roulette table rather than slot machines.  Yeah tonight I feel like I dodged a bullet and right now I'm feeling really pleased with myself.  I put myself in harms way and came out unscathed.

I don't want to go back ever again!!!

Welcome to DADsFME, enjoy your stay :)


You showed a lot of restraint!

I'm afraid I would have abandoned my goodwill and lost it in a casino with the video slots as I like an online flutter, but to get to play them as they are intended would've been too much for me to bear - although I am very pleased with myself when I went to the seaside the other week and put £10 into some of the older Golden Game/Monopoly slots and walked away in disgust... Finally realising, after all these years, just how rigged, fixed and boring they actually were - and still are!
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Why I quit really get em in fuck em and move on that is gambling


I think, you're just looking at the negatives. Fair enough, I wouldn't recommend going by yourself and I would recommend, those who can't control themselves, to leave the bank cards at home, but really it's certainly not as bad as you make it out to be.

Few times a year, I go, with various mates, we normally, have a meal, some drinks, watch footy on the big screens, or sometimes, there is a act on like a singer or a comedian, what's not to like about that.

At least, it's a social night out, in usually nice, clean, comfy, airy surroundings, the food is generally very good, the drinks cold and not unreasonable priced. Certainly beats some dingy arcade or pub, with chavs telling you what to do or thinking, if I win, will I get my winnings, because of the machine running out of money.

In fact you don't even need to gamble, for it to still be a nice relaxed evening with friends and family.


I hate casinos. If I go in I want a quick flutter on blackjack and then I'm out and bored.

Roulette doesn't do it for me and I've witnessed brains many times by friends. It's got to the point now where I will refuse to go in and if they're going in I'll arrange to meet them later on.

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